7 Sep 2016

Change starts by hearing the call.

The call of a problem that yearns us to do something, and take action. To improve the world for the better.

At this moment, you are faced with a choice.

  • Choose to stay on the sidelines. Because it feels too challenging, too risky…and the fear of the unknown is too great.
  • Or, choose do something. Because you believe in the cause. You can see a better future in the opportunity. One where your business can contribute – and ultimately bring positive change through what you do.

If you do accept the call, you’ve committed to make change. And crossed the threshold from “what is today”, to “what could be”.

This is an exciting moment for a Leader!

It means leaving the old world behind. Stepping into a new world with new ways of thinking – and a multitude of future possibilities!


In August 2016, Invenire held an industry event in Wiurila, Finland. Inviting people from various industries, this event was the first public meeting as part of our Future Food Quest.

Invenire presented the business case for developing an edible insects ecosystem in Finland – and what opportunities it can bring for industry. We presented our 3-tier strategy to increase demand for edible insects, and overcome regulatory and supply volume issues. The event aimed to inspire industry members to join our mission towards creating real business with edible insects.

Next stage – a 3 month Kick-Off program with the objective of creating “Desirable Bugs”. Making insects an easy choice for consumers, by being not just a good alternative – but a better and more desirable one.

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