4 May 2016

Homework is crucial for any project’s success.

The business rationale of your dream needs to be based on the current business environment. Validation is critical.

It’s important to ask yourself – do you have all the facts and right understanding? Viewpoints from different angles of your environment? Do you need more insight outside your own position, before you can start taking action?

Homework requires finding answers beyond our current understanding.

It’s a positive growth step on the journey. An early point to deeply understand the wider landscape for your vision.

And it’s worth the time & effort.

Asking questions and pushing for answers unearths new discoveries and ideas…before the real work begins!


As groundwork for the Finnish edible insects business ecosystem project, Invenire researched the current business environment including trends, market issues and industry forces. This developed a landscape for companies committing to the project as a basis to explore pitfalls and opportunities, and challenge the current environment with radical new ideas.

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