We have a dream. A vision of what the world could be.

How the world is today – that’s not good enough for people, planet and profit.

All the buzz around edible insects is great. But will they have a real impact? Insects need to become big. Sooner rather than later. For our own sake, and for the sake of our planet.

Invenire has been on the edible bugs journey since 2015. We’re striving to revolutionise current food value chains, and edible bugs can be a viable part of the future of food. This diary will follow our journey through the Future Food Quest project, running from April to October 2016.

Accepting the Call

ACCEPTING THE CALL Change starts by hearing the call. The call of a problem that yearns us to do something, and take action. To improve the world for the better. At this moment, you are faced with a choice. Choose to stay on the sidelines. Because it feels too... read more

Time to think radically

TIME TO THINK RADICALLY Making change means stepping out into the unknown. There is no clear path mapped out ahead. You may turn a corner and find you’re facing a wall. A major problem that could halt the whole project… What’s the next step from here? What are the... read more

People make change

PEOPLE MAKE CHANGE Change doesn’t happen by itself. Nor is it made by companies or organisations. It is people who make change. A leader of change has already made the personal commitment to their vision. But how will they get others to join their cause? Find... read more

Problems or Opportunities?

PROBLEMS, OR OPPORTUNITIES? The journey of change always presents roadblocks and challenges. It’s the nature of the journey. Rising to the challenges is part of the commitment of a change leader. To some, the hurdles feel insurmountable…a reason for... read more

Doing your homework

DOING YOUR HOMEWORK Homework is crucial for any project’s success. The business rationale of your dream needs to be based on the current business environment. Validation is critical. It’s important to ask yourself – do you have all the facts and right... read more

Taking up the Challenge

TAKING UP THE CHALLENGE You have an idea. A vision of how things could be better. And an unwavering belief in the possibility of making it a reality. The big question – how to make it real, in action? In a way that really matters. For people. For business. The simple... read more

Edible insects is just one dream. And just one journey.

Taking up the challenge to create a better future is not a simple journey. There are challenges, hurdles and tests of commitment.

But the journey is also one of growth, new skills and deeper understanding. The path contains new friends and partners with common visions. And the destination is a better world with your dream a reality.

Anyone can be a Leader. You just have to start your journey.