Exclusive 3 month kick-off period: DESIRABLE INSECTS


The Future Food Quest is a mission to create more ethical and sustainable food value chains through better business – better business having profitability, growth and sustainability at its heart.

The Future Food Quest will be a learning, connecting and action-orientated working group opening in 2017, where anyone sharing the dream can join, explore better business ideas and act.


The exclusive kick-off period is calling for all Finnish entrepreneurial-minded individuals and forward-thinking corporates, who are wanting to discover the answer to the question “Why would someone happily pay for bugs?”

Lack of demand, regulative barriers and early start of industrialisation are true obstacles for businesses based on bugs. The traditional commercialisation path won’t work. Whether loving or hating edible bugs, this 3 month kick-off period will give you new perspective, insight, tools and tangible business prototypes.


1. Insight into selected possible customer groups and their pains and problems

2. Understanding of new business tools and processes that can be applied to any business case

3. Tools for pitching a business based on bugs

4. A larger network of peers from different backgrounds

5. A project plan to move forward with your idea (if you have worked hard enough!)


To make a customer switch from current solutions to an entirely new one, the new solution needs to bring more value. “Desirable Bugs” need to be not just as good as the alternatives, but far better – making them a clear and easy choice for the customer. This is the bold goal to explore together within the theme “Desirable bugs”

In this kick-off period, you’ll work through different phases:

1. Insight into Opportunity

See the world from the customer’s perspective – learn, explore and find customer problems worth solving (problem equals opportunity)

2. Validating the Opportunity

Learn further about customers and the market, develop your ideas further and be sure you are solving the right problem.

3. Business Model Prototyping

Get hands-on and explore possible business models, and create a project plan to test and evolve your business prototype

4. Preparing to Leap

Get tools to encourage you to take action with your plan


What others are saying

“What I liked most about Invenire’s work was that we were surprised. Internally we had our own thoughts as to where we could take the product and concepts.

But Invenire took it further – into a total new ground.”

John Cameron

CEO, New Zealand

”Invenire helped us define our market position in our competitive market space. Through their work, we got a much clearer and simpler identity for our company, and greater self confidence – as well as practical tools to support sales. Their honesty and caring made us feel that we were in good hands.”

Håkon Volden

Investor, Norway


Participants will attend events, learn more online, connect with peers, and gain new tools and knowledge.

“Desirable bugs” will run across 3 months, with the following activities and tentative dates.


Insight into Opportunity

13.-14.12.2016 Wiurila, Salo

Bringing customers into the room; Guest speaker(s); Insight; Networking


Ideas about customer problems to solve


Pre-readings, short event videos, event briefing


Building the Business Model Prototype

February 2017 Wiurila, Salo

Business modelling for selected ideas – participants are also welcome to suggest their ideas to be processed


Creating projects to test and evolve ideas


Validating the Opportunity

Run across a 6 week period, starting January 2017

Deeper exploration of the customer problem; Quantifying the business opportunity


Clarified customer problem and potential solution


Video education, readings, activities to test the thinking


Preparing to Leap

Released early March 2017

Polish pilot project ideas; get ready to take action


Toolbox for pitching bugs businesses


In today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) world the traditional commercialisation and development ways are no longer working. New skills, methods and thinking are imperative. Future Food Quest utilises tools and methods to be more empathetic and customer-centric, as well as encourage early testing and experimenting.

Some participants might be developing new business ideas, and others may be working directly for their current business. Some will explore wider cooperation possibilities and expand their business. Participants can keep their own business plans private, if they choose so. The biggest gains will come through more openly sharing ideas and thoughts. The more open you are, the more you will get out of it!


Committing to pay the participant fee

Price covers all 4 activities across the period (3 months – Dec 2016 – Feb 2017), including participation in both events and online course materials. Participation is non-transferrable.


All events will include a social activity in the evening, allowing you more time for discussion and networking. The evening event is possibly subject to additional cost. All participants also cover their costs for staying overnight.

– 3 participants (transferrable) for all 4 activities
– Possibility to influence the agenda and bring their challenges to be worked in the events
– 8 hours in-house training/advisory support from Invenire

NB! Corporate Delegates are for medium and big companies. For corporate participants only.
Corporate Delegate price does not include accommodation or travel costs, or potential additional costs for evening social activities.

NOTE: These are special prices offered by Invenire. Invenire is absorbing a good proportion of the costs, enabling reduced participant rates. We believe this is worth investing in and do not aim to profit from this project.

By participating in this exclusive FFQ kick-off, you’ll not only deeply explore the true opportunities with edible insects, but develop your own business project plans, and learn new skills and tools you can apply to any business opportunity!


When do I need to sign up by?

By 14th September 2016.

Thereafter, places are subject to availability. There are a limited number of places for this kick-off stage!

How do I sign up?
Just click on the sign up button above!  You will be taken to an electronic sign up form that secures your commitment to participate.


What happens when I sign up?
You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions, and background readings to prepare for the first event! You will also receive the invoice for your participation cost prior to commencement of the kick-off program.

Who will be at the events?
The 2 events will incorporate all FFQ Kick-off participants from various industries – making these events great network opportunities with those who share the common dream!

What if I can’t attend an event?
You will still receive short videos and materials from the first event (Business Opportunity Event)

As event 2, the Business Lab Event, is a hands-on event, we are unable to supply materials.

Online course – can I complete this at any time?

Yes, the course is self-paced. The course will be open only for a 6 week period to complete, as it is important each participant completes the course prior to the final event.

Which customers groups will be addressed in the Business Opportunity Event?

2-3 relevant customer groups will be decided based on participants interest. They can be representative of a specific consumer group (e.g. young people), fish farmers and food producers.

Which business opportunities will be addressed in the Business Design Lab?

During the 6 week online period, Invenire will encourage participants across the process to find opportunities, where several participants could together explore the opportunity further. Corporate participants can also suggest opportunities and bring their topics into the Lab.

Aside from the lab, you can of course develop your own opportunity, if you wish to keep it private.

What is a pilot project and a project plan?

The process aims to design business model drafts addressing customers’ significant problems. In the end, project plans are created to test and verify within pilot projects that the business model works. A pilot project can be anything from a 2-week DIY project to 2 year project with technical development parts. Testing the customer solution and the business model is however always inbuilt into the project.

A project plan defines the beginning and the end of the project, as well as most important milestones and actions. This can be then worked through further by the participants (i.e. budgeting, resources, timelines and other details).

Who creates and owns project plans?

Essentially project plans are created by a participant, or a group of participants, with the support from Invenire and possibly other participants during the Business Design Lab.

A participant can also aim to improve his/her own business and keep the actual business model idea and project plan private.

How can I use pitching tools?

Pitching tools are intended to generally support the opportunities addressed during the process. Tools can be used to pitch the project plans to get funding, or to pitch the entire business idea.

How can individual persons participate?

An individual person can participate to either a) learn more about the opportunities for businesses based on insects, b) look into possibilities where his/her skills could be applied to helping turn another participant’s business idea into action, c) develop skills for creating better businesses, or d) develop own business idea further.

How can corporate delegates participate?

Corporate delegates can participate in the same way as individual persons. In addition, corporate participants can, in cooperation with Invenire, bring their business challenges and questions to be worked on throughout the process.


We at Invenire are seriously committed to building real business with edible insects. We believe in making better business and revolutionising the current food value chain to better serve People, Planet and Profit. We think business and we’re action-driven. As CMO of the Future, we have the mindset, expertise and tools to commercialise business opportunities. And we’ve been working with edible insects since 2014 – in fact, we’ve become experts on bugs! Read more about our Bugs Journey so far…


For this we kindly ask everyone who wants to support the Future Food Quest cause to fill in a short questionnaire.

This kick-off period will be an important test for working methods and their efficacy. We welcome all feedback right away and during the kick-off period.

Learn more about the Tekes project and Invenire’s role in helping to develop a real business ecosystem for Edible Insects. Read the Press Release in ENGLISH or FINNISH.

Have further questions? Get in touch direct with Invenire!

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