3 Jul 2016

Change doesn’t happen by itself. Nor is it made by companies or organisations.

It is people who make change.

A leader of change has already made the personal commitment to their vision.

But how will they get others to join their cause? Find stakeholders from the wider industry with the same vision? Change consumer perceptions and behaviours?

To make the dream real, many people are involved beyond just the leader.

The dream requires others to change also – how they do business…who they do business with…what they buy, and why they buy it.

The leader has the vision.

But he also needs people, to truly commercialise his dream.


In the Finnish edible insects ecosystem project, Tekes’ vision is to commercialise an edible insects business ecosystem. Turn the viable opportunity insects present into a real industry. This will require rethinking traditional food value chains.

Invenire’s role as the project guide is to bring stakeholders from multiple industries together and explore the capabilities and expertise they can provide, and opportunities for their business. Our goal is to facilitate multi-industry collaboration to find the right solutions to develop an edible bugs industry – and create positive new ways of doing business for all stakeholders.

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