2 Jun 2016

The journey of change always presents roadblocks and challenges. It’s the nature of the journey.

Rising to the challenges is part of the commitment of a change leader. To some, the hurdles feel insurmountable…a reason for avoiding taking the lead themselves.

But challenges offer positive opportunities.

With an opportunity-leadership mindset in place, roadblocks are not problems. They are a chance to help further the mission.

An opportunity for creative, blue-sky thinking. Collaborating with partners. Discussion, listening and formulating new ideas. And in the end, creation of the right solutions to step closer to realising your vision.

Conflicts will also arise.

Unmanaged, conflicts are prone to creating distance and resistance.

But a controlled conflict offers a valuable opportunity to clarify the mission. A moment to hold strategic discussions about the end goal – and unify the mission.

When challenges and conflicts arise, this is a good thing.

It’s a sign the real work is underway!


Edible insects are a difficult topic with many roadblocks. Consumer perceptions, legislation and the current lack of production scale-up are significant obstacles. Invenire’s role in road-mapping a viable business ecosystem for edible insects in Finland requires leading participants to define the mission and goals collectively. Determine where the ecosystem can make real impact for people, business and environmental sustainability. And develop creative, new approaches to change the way we produce food, for the better.

The United Nations embraces edible insects as a positive solution to reduce the growing hunger crisis –

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