5 Aug 2016

Making change means stepping out into the unknown. There is no clear path mapped out ahead.

You may turn a corner and find you’re facing a wall. A major problem that could halt the whole project…

What’s the next step from here? What are the options, when a direct route is not available?

Go back.

Or, find a way around. Map a new path to reach the destination.

Either way, you have to change tactic.

This is a critical moment to employ radical and novel thinking. Forget what you think you know. And get truly creative about the solution.

  • Start asking “what if?” and “why not?”.
  • Look beyond today to start seeing future possibilities.
  • Bring different viewpoints together. Challenge the current model and employ blue-sky thinking.

Roadblocks test the commitment to the mission.  The right mindset and resolve is everything, in order to progress.

See the wall not as a problem – but a positive opportunity to make a big leap forward!


Invenire conducted in-depth research on the market potential and demand for edible bugs, as part of the Finnish edible insects business ecosystem project.  This analysis confirmed creating an industry for edible insects faces a significant roadblock. Consumer demand, viable production volumes and industry structure don’t exist today. Making edible insects big may not be possible, in today’s current market structure.

Invenire approached this problem as an opportunity. By asking “what if” and rethinking the direction & possibilities, Invenire has designed three key strategies aimed at growing the appeal of edible insects. These strategies are based on creating new opportunities and experiences for the consumer, business and public sectors – a holistic strategy that could be applied to other cases in the future.

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